I just ran across this tag

Which appears to have 1,434 questions tagged under it.

Current stats of Google APIs tags

or Google API's is a list of API's available though Google. It is normally used to refer to the discovery services apis however i have seen it use to refer to the Google maps api as well which is not a discovery services API. Note for later: Google play services API is also a discovery services API.

We have a number of tags related to these apis

Google has also created a number of client libraries for use with these apis and we have tags for those as well.

The problem with this tag

The problem with tag is that people appear to be using it as a catch all for Google APIs client. (As in all the Google APIs client libraries). That does not appear to be the intention of this tag the description for this tag appears to be related to something completely different.

The GoogleApiClient The main entry point for Google Play services integration http://developer.android.com/reference/com/google/android/gms/common/api/GoogleApiClient.html

I have been working with the Google-APIs for about seven years now I currently have gold tag badge for and I have never heard of anything Android related to the Google APIs. Normally the tag is used for this. It appears that someone took the GoogleApiClient.html and decided to turn it into a tag. There may be a Google Apis Client library for android but im not an android dev so im not sure as far as i know android devs normally use the library for android. If there is then i would think that tag should be Google-APIS-android-client

How to fix this.

I'm not exactly sure what to recommend in the case of this tag. I could change the text and have it state that its for use with Google-apis-client libraries but ...

  • Do we really need a catch all tag for Google APIs Client Libraries? I am hard pressed to come up with a question that could be related to ALL of the client libraries.
  • In the event we do the name is off as its missing the s it should then have been Google-apis-clients library tag.
  • I also think its best to tag it with the language used. as the question is related to the php client library and not all of the client libraries.

I'm leaning towards saying that this tag should be completely deleted (or all questions untagged) and then pointed a synonym directly over to Google-apis tag which is the catch all tag for all google apis. However this solution also has its draw backs as it would point a question over to and not necessary a client library for Google APIs and if the question is related to a client library which language would it also then be related to.


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