There's a company, MicroFocus, that has its own tag on Stack Overflow: , with 93 questions at this point.

  1. The tag doesn't add anything useful to the question;
  2. Questions related to MicroFocus are off topic;
  3. Usually the questions tagged with this company name are also tagged with the actual framework the company produced, and that is how it is supposed to be;
  4. If we allow this tag, others might get the idea to create other company-name tags as well.

Let's burninate it.

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  • Just a wee note to say "sorry" if got a wee bit carried away - I edited out a number of said tags! I'm not yet "au fait" with the burninate process, but I looked and found the appropriate advice. I've calmed down, and will await the proper outcome of this request. – Adrian Mole Feb 17 at 22:28

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