I have to admit, for way too many years, I have been a passif user of stack over flow.

Until last week, when I saw an answer with a serious limitation. I had to throw in my comment on that one, it's really an easy fix... and then I hit a wall!

  • Not enough point to comment. Requires: 50+

So I Google up on tips and trick on how to increase your rep but every single items requires 10+ to do.

So here I am, stuck at 1 rep point for completing my first badge.

What is the best way to get the extra 9 rep point to get started at being a contributing member and to finally be able to comment on that answer that is ticking me.

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    You can edit posts to get points – Ben T Feb 12 at 2:44
  • Note: Edit requites 2000 rep point. see: stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/edit – Frank Chen Feb 12 at 2:54
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    2000 points lets you edit 'without it going through peer review'. I'm pretty sure you can edit before that but it gets peer reviewed. – Ben T Feb 12 at 2:55
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    Isn't the easiest way to get started with points to answer a question or two? – Honeyboy Wilson Feb 12 at 3:01
  • Just pick your edits wisely. Your first one ... don't bother about such non-questions, alteady closed or soon-to-be. The edit itself wasn't too impressive either. – usr2564301 Feb 12 at 8:55

Start asking and answering questions.

Just by asking a question, someone in the community may give it an upvote if they find it relevant.

I've started answering questions when I'm free, and on a good day, I can get 50. Many people can probably get more points than me, but it's a start.

  • Precision: it seems that asking a good question is far more effective than answering questions in when you are starting. I have answered over 5 question previously and gave me zero point because those question did not spark enough interest. – Frank Chen Feb 12 at 3:18
  • "I have answered over 5 question previously and gave me zero point because those question did not spark enough interest." Yup. Depends on the viewer volume for the tags. If you look at most med-to-high rep users, you'll find most people have lots of answers with zero upvotes, including some very high quality answers. Just keep at it. Rep comes over time. – SecretAgentMan Feb 12 at 14:49
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    For example, ~34% of my answers are zero-score answers. I've tried to write high-quality answers, but ultimately upvotes are for the community to decide. Don't sweat it. Read How to Answer, do your best, and have fun. – SecretAgentMan Feb 12 at 14:53
  • I am sweat it over it anymore. as i got past the first 10 points. Just sharing my experience for others to be able to get pass the first 10 points. – Frank Chen Feb 13 at 14:44

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