It seems that the tag [googlescript] is being used instead of [google-apps-script] for Apps Script questions.

The tag is rarely used anymore, but newer users might be led to believe that it is the correct one.

This is a similar situation to these two other posts:

Should we remove the [googlescript] tag or make it a synonym of [google-apps-script]?

For those unfamiliar with Google Apps Script, it is a JavaScript "flavor" that can be run on G Suite applications (Docs, Sheets, Gmail, etc) and can be used to create web apps, custom functions, automated routines, etc.

There is no "Google Script" per se, this is a not-so-common way of referring to "Google Apps Script".


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Nowadays is a synonym of , by the other hand Make [google-script] a synonym of [google-apps-script] has

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