In August 2018, the "New Contributor Indicator" was introduced in order to help new users have better experiences.

The Unfriendly Robot is an automatic system maintained by Stack Overflow to detect unwelcoming comments. It is used to direct moderator attention but also to measure the number of unwelcoming comments.

I wonder how the rate of comments made to questions or answers of new contributors that are detected by the Unfriendly Robot developed after the introduction of the New Contributor Indicator?

Deleting unwelcoming comments to a larger degree or faster is also helpful but maybe the Indicator itself had a decisive effect there in preventing these comments from being made in the first place.

There are two questions here already about the Indicator Are there any resilient data that the “new contributor” indicator helped to push site quality yet? as well as Can we statistically detect changes in friendliness from the Welcome Wagon, new CoC, New Contributor Indicator, etc? but both ask for more general impacts of the Indicator and are more than a year old and I would be interested in seeing the newest data with the recently improved Unfriendly Robot too, that wasn't available in 2018.



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