According to the Markdown help, [tag:not] should format as a tag, but it doesn't in the preview while you are editing a post. What is wrong with the "not" tag?

  • is correctly formatted as a tag in both the preview and the rendered version, even though this is not a real tag.

  • is not correctly formatted as a tag in the preview (as shown in the image below), even though is correctly formatted in the rendered view once posted.

The "not" tag is not rendering as tag in the preview, even when the correct Markdown formatting is used

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    Interesting. This also happens for [tag:and] and [tag:or]. – Makyen Feb 1 at 1:42
  • @Makyen yet [tag:r] works. As do [tag:ro], as well as [tag:adn] So, it's not related to length, it seems it's directly related to these keywords. – VLAZ Feb 1 at 6:57
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    When you click "edit" here, and look at the preview, you see the tag being rendered, @Tom? I don't. – Cody Gray Feb 1 at 9:25
  • @CodyGray Somehow the whole "in the preview while you are editing a post" part flew right over my head. I see the bug as well. – Tom Feb 1 at 11:56
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    @Tom Don't feel too bad. There was a whole deal at first where nobody understood what was going on, myself included. Thanks to the power of editing and comment-deletion, we were able to salvage the whole thing, and turn downvotes into upvotes. – Cody Gray Feb 1 at 12:04

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