When I search for the string "cwlogs.push.reader" "reason: timestamp could not be parsed from message" on Google, one of the top results is the following Stack Overflow question: AWS Clouwatch logs agent (awslogs) going crazy and writing GBs to log file

However, when I then attempt to search for the same terms in Stack Overflow, I get no results. Even when I simply search for "timestamp could not be parsed from message", I still get 0 results. I would expect to see AWS Clouwatch logs agent (awslogs) going crazy and writing GBs to log file in the results at the very least, but even it doesn't show up. I wonder if there are other matching questions that are not being returned?


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Looks like

code is not indexed at all

but normal text is. Try for example searching for "rythm of 10 per millisecond", which will yield the post in question. Google indexes the whole post of course and does not distinguish between code formatting and normal text.

I personally would prefer that the code parts are indexed, either (feature-request!)


I just learned, that you can search through the code parts by prefixing the search term with code:, as for example in

code:"timestamp could not be parsed from message"

This of course requires that you guess that the search term is indeed formatted as code.

  • Even prefixing text that appears in code with code: doesn't work. See stackoverflow.com/questions/37794923. Try searching for excel vba displaystatusbar clipboard. Stackoverflow can't find this. The word displaystatusbar appears in code. Now try searching for excel vba code:displaystatusbar clipboard. Stackoverflow still can't find this.
    – mbmast
    Commented Jun 25, 2020 at 17:27

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