Got this banner, like everyone else enter image description here

You can interact with it in two ways:

  1. Read now
  2. x to close

If I close it, I never see it again
But if I click Read now, I keep seeing the banner, and I have to click on x to never see it again.

I suggest to stop showing the banner if user interacted with it

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    It does go away but only initially, it will show again if you open up a new page. – DavidG Jan 22 at 9:50
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    block it with ublock, usually it's just useless podcasts or uninteresting things. Plus it's always in the Blog header on the right side as well. those banners take forever to go away, and if you visit any other site on the network you see it again – Tschallacka Jan 22 at 10:27
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    I suggest to stop showing the banner Simplified it for you – John Montgomery Jan 22 at 19:35

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