Currently, developer story shows Top x% for four tags as below.

enter image description here

I have found similar questions about how it is calculated.

Is there a minimum number of questions before tag top percentage badges appear on the developer story? states that

You need a minimum total score 20 for popular tags which have more than 1000 questions

How can I find my exact percentile in a tag in developer story? refers to a SEDE query written in April 2018 which results as follow

query result

As per query and above answer, Top x% should be as follow

top 5% instead of top 10%
should be there with top 10%
should be there with top 10%
should be there with top 10%

It seems that stack-overflow has updated the formula for top x%. May I know how does it is calculated? (I know that there are already asked question about the same but answers seems outdated for 2020)

and will not qualify because of less than 20 score


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