It seems that the automatic tag-inferred syntax-highlighting doesn't work for latex code when adding the tag on stackoverflow.

enter image description here

As one can see the code block syntax is not highlighted, even with added tag. Adding <!-- language: lang-latex --> before the code block enables correctly the highlighting, so the functionality is there.

However, repeating the same example with Python code and the python tag enables the syntax highlighting already without the <!-- ... --> HTML tag. So there seems be something odd in inferring the syntax from the latex tag.

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It looks like LaTeX highlighting support is a relatively new addition to the supported list, so no default was yet set for the tag.

I've now switched the tag default to use lang-latex, lets see how that goes:

excerpt of tag wiki pag, showing the 'syntax highlighting' code language dropdown box that moderators see, set to <code>lang-latex</code>


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