I just noticed in math.stackexchange (and maybe other sites on the network) there's a tag named "soft-question":

For questions whose answers can't be objectively evaluated as correct or incorrect, but which are still relevant to this site.


Is there a place for this type of questions here, too? Was this considered in the past?

Here's an example of a soft question from Math:


  • As I understand it soft questions are just questions without a definitive answer, something like "how to produce really random numbers with a computer". They are so diverse and rare that a dedicated tag for them is probably hard to deduce. Just tag them according to their other content. – Trilarion Jan 15 '20 at 22:48

It was considered; we even spun up an entire site specifically dedicated to those types of questions. It started out known as "Not Programming Related", changed to "Programmers", and is now called "Software Engineering". The scope of that site changed, too, over time, because "soft questions" aren't good fodder for our type of Q&A.

Additionally, is a "meta" tag, like , which means that it does not describe the content of the question, and therefore should not exist on any Stack Exchange site. A tag like that definitely won't exist here on Stack Overflow. It serves no purpose.

However…the cited question is not a problem, and its equivalent could be asked here on Stack Overflow today.

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