I know these types of questions get posted here a lot, and I've read through several of them trying to understand my specific scenario, but I am still not clear.

This low-quality post review:


was failed by me after I said "Looks OK", and I was banned from the queue for 2 days, even though I have a positive review history in the Low Quality Post queue and can't remember the last time I failed an audit.

The answer in question that I reviewed seems to answer the question -- whether or not it's the correct answer, I am not sure, but I consider this post to be a good attempt at answering the question. Like all of my Low Quality Posts reviews, I read through the answer several times in the context of the question before choosing my vote.

Could someone help me understand what I did wrong here? I want to make sure I am fully understanding the meaning of the Low Qualtiy Posts review queue.

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  • that answer is spam deleted. – rene Jan 13 at 22:27
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    The answer text itself looks fine at the first glance, but the link is a red flag. It links to the same page mentioned in the user profile without mentioning the authorship, thus could already qualify as spam. Since this question has been deleted (instead of updated to add the required remark) I guess this user wrote several such answers containing a link to their site. – Tom Jan 13 at 22:32
  • As there is only one down vote I suspect a mod spam flagged it. I can't find that post in the usual spam tooling/chatrooms either. – rene Jan 13 at 22:36
  • Definitely something unusual there. It is exceedingly rare to have a single answer locked like that. I don't think this was a good post for the review. – Travis J Jan 13 at 23:09
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    Yes, it was a moderator who flagged that one as spam. And 3 other answers by the same user. It definitely wasn't a good case for a review audit, but spam flags do get used as a signal for a good audit because they usually are. Not a big deal; you could have passed the audit easily by clicking through to examine the post in context. – Cody Gray Jan 13 at 23:53
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    Thanks for all of the feedback guys, I appreciate it. It seems like clicking through the link reveals the spammy nature of this post. I usually only check links when approving link edits in the Edit queue, but checking them in LQ posts makes sense in this context as well. – Christine Jan 14 at 2:11
  • You don't need to click on the link (I wouldn't click on unknown links in any case), it is often enough to check the URL of the link. – Tom Jan 14 at 3:00
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    Ah, I do not mean to click the suspected spammy link in the post. I mean the link named "link" in the right-hand margin of the audit page, which will display the actual post in context, rather than inside of the review queue. As a moderator, who reviews hundreds of suspected spam posts daily, I don't click on any of the links in the posts themselves. – Cody Gray Jan 14 at 3:18
  • Right, that makes more sense. Glad to know I don't have to click on any of them, I was worried because I hadn't been doing that in the first place (unless it's someone trying to edit a post with a fresh link to documentation) – Christine Jan 14 at 16:21
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    It does work well to hover over the links inside of a post (without clicking) and read your browser's status bar to see where the link is planning to take you. That often is enough to tell the difference between a well-intended link to documentation and a link to nonsense. – Cody Gray Jan 14 at 20:12

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