We have a gold bagde Illuminator on the site with explanation:

Edit and answer 500 questions (both actions within 12 hours, answer score > 0).

That recommends the author who answers the question makes some better changes to the original question (editing title, fixing tag(s), correcting English grammar...)

We also have Help and Improvement review, if we edit some post while reviewing, the system will record stat number that we have made changes.

So, what's happen if we make changes to some question which is currently in the review queue but we don't do that on the review page?

I hypothesize that: In the review queue, there is some question which is filtered from here (we haven't checked it yet):

Now, if we give an answer and make changes to the original question. Can we earn 1 stat in the review Help and Improvement?

If the answer receives some helpful score (upvote - downvote > 0), that means we already help. Then, our changes make the question to be better (title, content, tag...), that is called improvement. So, should the system record it?

Coming back to the gold badge I've mentioned in the beginning, the progress counter will be increased 1, too. It's automatically by default, but we can get more than 1 record - Help and Improvement record.

We can also apply the same method to another reviews (Close votes, Reopen votes...). If some question needs to be closed, we vote to close it. If some answer has low-quality, we report it. But why does the system just record the action while reviewing?

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    Editing a post from the post's page, not from the review, does not contribute to your review queue stats (otherwise my contribution to the queue would be far higher than the meager figure it is). I would suggest that is also an intended feature. You can only contribute up to 20 times a day to a queue, and contributing to it, by editing the post on the post page, would be an easy way to abuse that. It would also mean that you may end up being unable to edit posts if you had already contributed 20 times that day and the post is in the queue. – Larnu Jan 13 at 10:00

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