When viewing the Stack Overflow Profile or Activity pages on an iPad using Firefox or Safari, some of the link texts are incorrectly wrapped to the next line. Also, some of the border lines are missing (like the text has a white fill that overlaps on the line).


(Firefox, no sidebar) firefox no-sidebar

(Firefox, with sidebar) firexfox with-sidebar

(Safari, with sidebar) enter image description here


  • When I scroll the page:
    • The text wrapping somehow auto-fixes itself
    • But the missing border lines are still missing
  • On Safari, there's no issue with the text when there's no sidebar
  • Screenshots are from meta but it's the same on the main site
  • As far as I could tell, this got broken only after updating to iOS 13.3


  • iPad 9.7in iOS 13.3
  • Firefox for iOS 21.0
  • Safari 13.0.4


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