By selecting "No Action Needed" I failed in the late answers system test because of this answer:

you have to include the header in the .c

for exemple main.c fonctions.c

       include<fonctions.h>   include<fonctions.h>

How would I know that this answer is not answering the question while they didn't let me read the question and the review was only on the answer?

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    Regardless of whether or not it is an answer, "No Action Needed" was indisputably the wrong choice. The answer did not make any sense, and clearly needed editing. If nothing else, the code formatting needed to be fixed. Aside from that, yeah, you are actually supposed to assess the overall quality of the answer in relation to the question. That's the whole point of reviewing. – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 4:06
  • at the end this is not the question this is an answer it doesn't need to be perfect that's why "No Action Needed" was my choice – Basil Jan 8 at 4:11
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    Most of the review queues offer a 'link' to the actual post. In the case of "Late Answers," it is (IMHO) vital to check that link, to get the context in which the late answer has been given (e.g. looking to see if it's merely a copy of another answer). Had you clicked that "link," you would have immediately discovered that this was an audit. – Adrian Mole Jan 8 at 4:15
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    "this is not the question this is an answer it doesn't need to be perfect" I don't know where you got that impression. That's not what our FAQ on reviewing "Late Answers" and "First Posts" says. – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 4:18
  • Ok, next time I'll use the downvote for any poor answer – Basil Jan 8 at 4:25
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    It's not that simple. Some posts should be downvoted, some should be edited, some should be flagged, some should be deleted, etc. You have to pay attention and use your brain. That's the whole point of the audits: they catch people who aren't doing those things. – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 4:31
  • I'm doing all of that but the audits should be more clear, that's the whole point of my post. – Basil Jan 8 at 4:50
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    That audit is very clear. It's hard to imagine it being much more clear than that that a post requires action. If you meant that there should be some indication that it's an audit, well, that would defeat the entire purpose of an audit. On a tangentially related note, please do not use inline code formatting to emphasize text. Code formatting is for code, not words like audits. If you want to emphasize text, use bold or italics. – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 5:54
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    Never underestimate the power of the skip button. – SecretAgentMan Jan 8 at 14:09