I was writing a question in SO and I used a block-quote, here is the result

enter image description here

Here you can see the Numbers in block-quote overflow, while the letters in the other block-quote are not.

Am also adding a link to the question Concatenating two R.string leads to numbers

I am using both Firefox (71.0) and Chrome (79.0.3945.88).

Is it a UI Bug?

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This is by design.

In markdown, a number followed by a period and a space creates an ordered list in html.


<ol start="32908529">

To prevent that from happening escape the period with a backslash:

> 32908529\. 23492492

resulting in

32908529. 23492492


Seems like a bug. But you can avoid it by not adding dot (.) after first number:

  1. 23492492

32908529 23492492

Or markup it as code

32908529. 23492492

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