I voted to close a question by mistake. But I can't cancel that operation. Since there're two vote-to-close before mine, the question is closed now. But now I feel I shouldn't vote to close that question. It has already included the basic error information. I'm so sorry to vote to close.

My question is : How can I cancel my vote-to-close operation?

I found a similar question talking about whether it is possible to cancel "vote-to-reopen'. However, that answer was about canceling the vote-to-reopen instead of canceling the vote-to-close. And it was written several years ago.

I cast a vote to reopen it. If I can't cancel my vote, is there something else that I can do ?


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You can't retract the close vote because it has already been closed.

If you think the question is on-topic and reopen-worthy, you can get other users to vote to reopen, or perhaps just wait for the reopen review to complete first: https://stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/24904212

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