Is it possible using SEDE or an API call to find answers marked as spam, and if possible the related user ID?

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    What would be the purpose of this? Why do you need this information? Commented Dec 9, 2019 at 16:19

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The API won't help here; it doesn't provide details about deleted posts.

SEDE does in some way; it has a PostsWithDeleted table containing some information about deleted posts. You can join it with the Votes table looking for spam votes (type 12), like this.

However, to actually see those posts, you have to have 10k reputation. The PostsWithDeleted table doesn't contain information about the content of the posts, nor the user. Note that the answer could be flagged as spam but not actually marked as such when a ♦ moderator deleted the post instead of flagging it themselves. Such answers will end up in this query but the -100 reputation penalty would not apply.

A few years ago, I've downloaded all spam posts on Stack Overflow (for SmokeDetector) and uploaded their contents to GitHub. It doesn't separate questions from answers though.


I'm quite sure this is not possible since deleted posts (including spam deleted ones) are not part of the data explorer. Neither is the reputation history of a user, so identifying users with at least one spam penalty is also not possible.

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