Is there anyone that can explain for me, why was my account (this account) removed yesterday?

I know I don't need to ask in this site, so which site is this question for?

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    Your account was deleted either by request or due to violating the network's terms of service. – Grumpy says Reinstate Monica 2 days ago
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    If you have it, a link to the old account, or a question or answer posted under that account, would likely be helpful to the moderator that tries to get the information you're asking for. As it is, the moderator is going to need to assume that the username you're posting with is the same as your prior account used. If those two usernames are not the same, then it's going to be helpful, at a minimum, to know what username your old account was using. You can edit your question to provide that information. – Makyen 2 days ago
  • If you have a link in your browser history that used to go to a question/answer (even if it's now been deleted) that would do too. – DavidW 2 days ago
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    With a name like CodingUniversity, and the profile info, I'm going to go out on a limb and bet it was because spam. – fbueckert 2 days ago
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Your account with the same name (CodingUniversity) was deleted because we had strong evidence that it was a sockpuppet voting account for a master account which got a friendly warning (without suspension).

But you probably also know about that.

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    The account I'm right now writing on was deleted, this is my recent post – CodingUniversity 2 days ago

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