In an answer on meta.se on Oct 28 '19 at 18:49 I mentioned having asked 41 questions in my entire SO lifetime.

Right now I saw that there are only 40. The deleted recently page is empty. (OTH, I can see a deleted answer on meta.se from Oct 10 '19.)

I'm pretty sure I didn't read/write the number wrong then.

Has one of my questions on SO been deleted or did I really read/write the number wrongly in the past?

Supplementary questions:

  • Why is there no kind of pro-active automated message in the Inbox that something (Q, A or comment) has been deleted so that it's not recognized just by chance (or maybe never)?
  • How long is recent in terms of the deleted recently page?
  • How can I see which and why–to be able to learn and improve–it has been deleted after the expired recent period?
  • And, well, to the why: I cant' even see at the deleted meta.se answer I mentioned above why. There's just a link to the generic help center page and that's it. How can this be improved?


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