When Jenkins 2.x was introduced in 2016, it was substantially different to Jenkins 1 (https://jenkins.io/2.0/), so I guess a [jenkins-2]was created to disambiguate. The tag never really caught on as there are only 118 tagged with it.

There are almost 39000 tagged [jenkins] and another 18 [jenkins*] tags to boot. Jenkins 1 is now deprecated, obsolete and unsupported. Almost all new [jenkins]questions are in fact Jenkins 2 related now (or jenkins-pipeline).

Only about 20 questions have [jenkins-2] -[jenkins], 8 unanswered, probably as not a watched tag.

Propose dropping the [jenkins-2] tag altogether and adding the jenkins tag to those missing. Can this be done in bulk?

Other meta Q complained about bulk edits, so best to ask first?

ps: only noticed this after a search for [jenkins] -[jenkins-pipeline] is:question pipeline and wondered about that bulk edit.

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