In the SOCVR chat room, if I click the 'discussion' or 'moderation' buttons (right side of the page and above the room), it shows 'Page not found'. Why?


That's because those "buttons" are actually tags in the description of the room:

Enter image description here

If you look at the URL that the button/tag directs to, you'll see this:


As there is no tag on Stack Overflow, you get that 404.

As a side note, it doesn't seem too uncommon to use nonexistent tags in chat. For example, look at the tags for the SE chatroom, Charcoal HQ:

Enter image description here

It is clearly not very useful as a proper tag on the site, but informative and entertaining nonetheless.

It is currently not possible to have a chat room's description tags point to the Meta site. The form for adding tags for a chat room only allows the names of a tag - you do not have any control of the syntax or location.

You can use the [meta-tag:my-tag] syntax pretty much everywhere else, just not in the chat room's description.


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