The auto-comment text for close-as-duplicate votes is very confusing, particularly for new users.

Here's a typical interaction I'm seeing associated with "Does this answer your question?"

enter image description here

Reference: gmap icon from assets in vuejs

I'm frankly getting tired of editing these comments to make it clear they are associated with a moderation action.

I'm not sure what the problem was with "Possible duplicate of..." but this is not solving it. Can we make it clearer that the comment means something more like...

This question has a possible answer here - <link>. If so, it should be closed as a duplicate

and not some invitation for extended conversation.


Just found this answer which mirrors my sentiments and does a much better job of providing an alternate (albeit lengthy) response.

Is this open to discussion at all?


I had no idea they changed the wording, mostly because I'm a moderator so I never get to leave these comments anymore. That looks like a significant improvement over the old wording, honestly — I find myself saying something along the lines of the new wording fairly often, when I'm electing not to use my binding vote. "Possible duplicate" sends an unpleasant message to users that they either wasted their (own or the community's) time, or broke the rules, by asking their question, even though that was never our intended message. If anything, I found myself frequently having to change it before I became a moderator, and frequently eschewing it when composing comments manually after.

I agree that the current wording doesn't make sense in the middle of a conversation like this, though. It only really makes sense as a standalone question, or less commonly as a conversation finisher in very limited contexts. If you're finding yourself having to change this message frequently, I would support another change to the default text, but I don't have any suggestions.

I also agree with ImportanceOfBeingErnest that this comment simply doesn't make sense when generated in conjunction with a binding vote (as I said above, I take the time to write a manual one when I elect not to use my vote). Apparently the system leaves these comments up now instead of deleting them as soon as it posts them with binding votes. I get that closing and opening are both temporary states that can be toggled at a whim, but I really don't think the mechanical song and dance needs to happen in the first place.

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    Should the Feature Request tag be added to this question? – Cindy Meister Nov 14 at 5:54

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