Sometimes I asked some questions without actually any answers.

For example, a question:

How do I batch rename variables with their suggested names in ReSharper?

This question, in fact, is impossible to have an answer, because ReSharper totally does not have this feature.

Then I didn't get an answer and also some downvotes.

I've been facing this situation several times. There is an option to flag a question as a duplicate, but not an option to flag a question as unsolvable.

With these unsolvable questions, the common thing that happens for me is some downvotes, no answer, and sometimes a comment to tell me it's impossible.

I would then notify my question may be unsolvable.

And I would consider to delete it, because I don't think an unsolvable question with (and cannot be with) an answer can contribute to the community, and it also slashes my reputation points to get downvoted.

But I don't know whether I should delete them. It is also said deleting too many questions may result in restrictions to post a new question.

What can I do facing this situation? Delete it? Or retain it? Or leave a comment, saying it may be unsolvable?


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Actually "what you want to do is impossible" is an answer, and useful to anyone else searching for a way to do that impossible thing.