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In some DOS question, the file mask was given as *-1. How would you quote that in a comment if you e.g. want to ask for clarification?


I have tried:

  • *-``1 in order to separate the minus from the 1.
  • *-​1 using a zero width space, but other than in a question´, it does not get rendered

I have seen the question Why can't we put += 1 in a comment?. I am not asking why such a rule is in place. I'd rather like to know about the

Plenty of workarounds, quick fixes, and pragmatic solutions available

because my approaches didn't work.

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    If you make the comment more "substantial", it won't get blocked by the "-1 because x" filter. or maybe just rephrase it so the -1 isn't at the start? i dunno – Kevin B Nov 5 at 20:21
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    Prefix it with something like “The string”. The regex responsible for this is rather naive, because it only has a simple job to do. – Cody Gray Nov 5 at 20:25
  • @KevinB: How do I make it more substantial? That's all there is to say – Thomas Weller Nov 5 at 20:26
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    for example, "Your file mask <..> will not match <...> because <...>, is that intentional?" – Kevin B Nov 5 at 20:29
  • Your file mask *-1 will not match knomBk-2.4 because knomBk-2.4 does not contain a 1. You have a 2 inside and a 4, but not a 0 and not a 1. You have a -, which matches the filter. You don't have a +, but you actually don't need one. Is that intentional? Is my comment substantial enough for you? I could elaborate more, if you like. I think I could write a book about it. – Thomas Weller Nov 5 at 20:41
  • Yeah, indeed works... :-) – Thomas Weller Nov 5 at 20:41
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    There is another workaround: writing an answer. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading some of my answers, but these are generally a bit shorter than a book. They also aren’t subjected to naive regexes. If you have enough to say that you could turn it into an answer, you probably should. Even when requesting clarification on a possible mistake in a question, there’s a thin line between comment and answer. Prefer the answer. – Cody Gray Nov 5 at 20:59
  • @CodyGray: ok, got it. In this particular case it would not have been a good answer. – Thomas Weller Nov 5 at 21:14
  • @ThomasWeller How do I make it more substantial? Append a wee poem or limerick to your comment ... "A coder who left Rajistan, discovered an enum bad plan..." – Adrian - Reinstate Monica Nov 5 at 23:27
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    I like how this is closed as a duplicate, although I have already mentioned how the duplicate does not answer my question. Wow. – Thomas Weller Nov 6 at 11:56
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    The answer starts with a workaround. "If you don't use +1 it at the start of the comment, you can circumvent the restriction" followed by a screenshot which demonstrates that – adiga Nov 6 at 13:33

HTML entities don't work in comments (feature request). You can use an actual ZWNJ instead (for example, in bash, with printf '\u200c'). Oddly enough, it wasn't inserting a ZWNJ between - and 1 that worked for me, but inserting it before - (either after * or before *):

`*‌-1` will not match `knomBk-2.4`.


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