I asked a question. Then, after doing some research, found that it was actually a duplicate. I've handled the duplication, flagging my question as a duplicate myself.

However, in the meantime, I got a pretty good answer to my question, which I think is better than the answers on the original question.

Will the new answer to my duplicate be lost? That would be a real pity to lose a good answer. What can be done about this?

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    Why is the answer lost? Was it deleted? – yivi Oct 30 at 14:10
  • If the dupes are very closely related, you could flag and ask for a mod to merge the answer into the other question... – yivi Oct 30 at 14:11
  • Your dupe target has 800+ views, the dupe target of your dupe target had 30+ views. I believe that the answer is not lost even if the last dupe is perhaps in the wrong direction. – xdtTransform Oct 30 at 14:17
  • Oh, I missed that dupes are still visible., sorry thanks – CAFEBABE Oct 30 at 14:51
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    Someone who speaks Python want to confirm that it is reasonable to merge answers from here and here into this master question? – Cody Gray Oct 30 at 18:14
  • @CodyGray They're all essentially on the same subject. Although, I don't have the same point of view as CAFEBABE. The original answer from 4 years ago says what the other two answers say more concisely. But I suppose understanding it depends on having some background with C/C++. – Conspicuous Compiler Nov 4 at 18:36
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    Well, I can tell you are neither a C nor C++ expert, since you referenced a mythical language, "C/C++", that does not exist, @Conspicuous. :-) – Cody Gray Nov 4 at 19:04
  • Pointer arithmetic logic for simple data types is sufficiently similar between the two that I don't really have a problem treating them as the same language for this purpose, but fair. C is certainly the language of choice if one wishes to be exacting in small differences. – Conspicuous Compiler Nov 4 at 19:09

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