I'm trying to post a question. I've entered a title and body, added 1 tag, and then hit the "Review your Question" button at the bottom of the page.

The page "locks up". It won't accept any user input; scrolling, clicking, etc. I can switch tabs in the browser or to other applications, but the Stack Overflow tab remains locked for ~30 seconds. Then Chrome times it out and gives me the "oh snap, somethings wrong" broken page.

I've repeated the post attempt after logging out and back in, and after a hard refresh and clearing the browser cache.

I've watched in Chrome's dev tools to see if I could find anything of interest, and all I see is a single ajax request to validate the question, which returns in ~50ms with a 200 response.

I'm using Chrome on Linux Mint.

I logged in using Firefox and it worked. As soon as I clicked the review button, the page scrolled back to the top with a message that it was ready to post. I scrolled back down, clicked post, and all is well. The question, in the off chance it matters: MySQL UUID function produces the same value when used as a function parameter

  1. I submitted this meta-question in Chrome, and this update as well. Also, I am able to edit the other question in Chrome, even though I had to use FF to post it.

  2. I just attempted a test post in Chrome (to stackoverflow.com, not meta) and the error reproduces. I then repeated the test as follows:

    • Disabled all extensions and repeated the test. Still failed.

    • Opened DevTools, started a memory monitor, and repeated test. Very minimal memory allocated immediately on the review button click, then nothing until the page 'breaks'.

    • In DevTools, started a performance profile, and repeated test. I don't see anything particularly outstanding in the results.

performance during review submit

  • Sounds like there might be some Javascript blocking the browser tab and consuming too much memory. If you're using any extensions / addons / userscripts, try disabling them and see if the problem still occurs on Chrome Oct 29 '19 at 2:33

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