I have this problem often: a new user will come and ask a question that is asked repeatedly on Stack Overflow, but when I try to search for a duplicate, I find tons of slightly different things, none of which seems quite good enough to answer OP's question. Typically, the underlying problem will be the same but the code is quite different (because a different task is being undertaken), and the answers are specific in a way that I expect will make them not as easily understandable by/applicable to OP's case as I'd like. Alternately, sometimes there are just a whole bunch that are all at low scores with low-scoring answers and it's hard to say which is best. Sometimes those questions will in turn be closed as duplicates, which at least gives me a trail to follow; but usually they are not.

Some questions don't have this problem at all (the go-to is very clear); others are tricky, and there's seemingly no rhyme or reason to it. Specifically, I'm asking at the moment because I tried to help someone with a basic "what does UnboundLocalError mean in Python?" question and ran into a wall of near-misses. It's frustrating because I already know from experience that "what does NullReferenceException mean in C#?" is much more easily closed as a duplicate, and the question is comparable in basic-ness.



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