The question: NHibernate inserting NULL instead of actual value


OP asked a question - it was good but was missing little piece of information. But based on my overall understanding of topic and other inputs available, I assumed that missing piece of data and post my answer.

OP then mentioned (question edit and comments now deleted) that my assumption is not correct. I had discussion with him in comments to reproduce the issue based on edits without success.

Please refer earlier revision of same question. The question body and title was very much different. Also an important tag was missing there. Due to this, it was impossible to recreate an issue.

As the problem was not reproducible at all, I voted to close; also gathered a support on SOCVR. Question got closed as such.

Now the OP have drastically edited the question. More importantly, the very critical tag is added; this is important to reproduce the issue.

My question:

In my understanding, the earlier revision based on which the closure was occurred and the current revision are totally different questions. But, I am not sure if this question should be re-opened or OP should ask new question instead.

Please suggest.

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    You've deleted your answer. If you had not, it would be against site guidelines to change the question in such a way as to invalidate and answer based on the original question. In that case, it would have been correct to ask the person to post a new question. With no (visible) answer, the OP is free to edit the question to any extent they wish. FWIW answering a question that does not contain complete information is a trap we all fall into, again and again... – Cindy Meister Oct 21 at 11:18
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    ...It's hard, sometimes, to insist on dragging the full information out of the OP and voting to close as "default". But wehn we don't, this is all too often what happens <sigh> – Cindy Meister Oct 21 at 11:18
  • But the answer was a guess, it should not have been posted, the question should have been commented on for clarification & close voted, guesses are not answers that should restrict a question from being clarified or deleted, you should delete or edit your question if/when you think it doesn't answer the question--which it never did, because the "question" was not clear. – philipxy Oct 22 at 1:57

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