Injecting jQuery using bookmarklet not working on a page

is no longer found when I use my bookmarked


As I was writing this, I noticed the "unanswered" in the path but the result list I have DOES have answered questions, just not the one I just read. It has not scrolled off as far as I can see, since it is only 22 minutes old as I write.

Is this weird? The question is CN related...

The Question is upvoted and the Answer is upvoted but NOT accepted at the time of writing

UPDATE: I see the "What's the difference" in the screen shot below has also disappeared so perhaps questions with opvoted answers disappear after a little while and I just never noticed before?

enter image description here


The query shows "questions with no upvoted or accepted answers". The question would be dropped from the list as soon as caching allowed after it failed to meet that criterion.

enter image description here


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