For example when I'm asking a question about regex, should the question body contain information like what language I'm using or is a tag indicating that enough?

I saw this question over on the RPG meta with which I agree, but I want to see if the SO community thinks otherwise.

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    I like one part of that linked answer: "Tags are for searching and sorting". Indeed. That is basically the kicker: people should not have to read the question to learn what language it is about, that should have been clear even before the question is opened.
    – Gimby
    Oct 18, 2019 at 11:19
  • In the case of regex, wouldn't the language be important, since some flags or use cases will work differently between languages? Even though some aspects should be language-agnostic
    – camille
    Oct 20, 2019 at 16:16

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The tag itself is enough.

There is no need to add the tag itself to the question's body, also.

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    And also not to the question's title ;)
    – honk
    Oct 18, 2019 at 15:02

Don't force tags into body/title but don't make effort to avoid them either.

While tags are enough to convey the information it is perfectly fine to have them essentially repeated in title or body of the post if natural language of either calls for it - "C# regular expression … behaves differently than PHP" is reasonable title. Definitely don't force tags into title ("[regex] [php] [validation] e-mail validation " is not acceptable) or body.

On SO questions require to show your research and in most cases it means showing some code that likely will cover at least language tag and possibly one more. In case of regex posting question without regex that you believe should work is asking for downvotes/closure. As result I expect that most (if not all) tags would be naturally incorporated into the body (even if not explicitly called out).

Side note: on mobile view tags are at the top of the post. If your post is really long having TL;DR section at the bottom that reiterates tags (as a proper sentence) could be beneficial.

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