I am in the -1 group in the current Stack Overflow experiment.

On the Charcoal Team, there is this post. It has -3 score and vote count +2/-5. I have six reputation there, and thus can't downvote it. However, when I try to downvote it, I get just the normal "you can't downvote" warning and the displayed score changes to -1 until I reload! The shown vote count stays correct.

When I upvote, the score also becomes -1; however, when I reload or view the vote counts it is shown correctly.

This happens on desktop, responsive mobile, and the mobile site.

This is a bug report, and completely not a duplicate of New popup message when voting on a question/answer?. This is also confirmed by a Community Manager

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    It’s definitely an actual, separate bug. Please don’t dupe it. – Catija Oct 16 at 14:12

This should be fixed now. Thanks for the report!

  • Thank you for doing this so quickly! It works great now! – Stormblessed Oct 16 at 21:21

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