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This follows me everywhere. Closing the banner (clicking the x) simply doesn't help. It shows up again when visiting different sections/routes of the website!

Homepage with closed banner:

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How do I hide it permanently?

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    Really? There's another survey banner with broken functionality? You'd think they'd fix the system the first times – Zoe Oct 11 at 5:14
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    @Zoethetransgirl maybe it slipped the code review and the testing. – VLAZ Oct 11 at 6:34
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    Well, did you take the survey? Did you? Did you? Huh? If not, why not? Why do you think you're entitled to ignore it in the first place? ...would you like to take our short survey on these questions? – Jeroen Mostert Oct 11 at 11:40
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    @Zoethetransgirl there is just too much going on, testing is not a priority... – Dalija Prasnikar Oct 11 at 12:36
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    @HerMajestyQueenofARC Well we are the testers. Better get paid for the same! – boop_the_snoot Oct 11 at 12:38
  • @boop_the_snoot why pay someone when you can get it for free – Dalija Prasnikar Oct 11 at 12:42
  • @HerMajestyQueenofARC Tbf, this exact bug has popped up a couple times in the past on the exact same type of banner. It's not about testing as much as creating a standard system to prevent this from happening every time a new banner is pushed. – Zoe Oct 11 at 12:48
  • @Zoethetransgirl Agreed. Obviously it was not fixed properly. – Dalija Prasnikar Oct 11 at 12:52
  • @Zoethetransgirl Where at? There's been a couple survey banner bugs, but this one's unrelated to them as far as I can tell. – Adam Lear Oct 12 at 19:49
  • @AdamLear Good question. I remember a couple meta posts about undismissable banners, and now that I come to think of it, I actually don't remember if it was a survey banner or a banner for something else. Finding those is gonna be hard, because I don't remember roughly when they were posted, nor the context, so I can't find search terms or manually dig it up by date range. They were fixed IIRC. – Zoe Oct 12 at 19:54
  • @AdamLear well, there were a lot fewer "banner" questions than I expected. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/388936/… is one, meta.stackoverflow.com/q/372105/6296561 is related and there's an older one (from '17). I still remember a second one with the same type of banner, but given the one I linked first was closed as a dupe (and likely after I first saw it), it might've shifted the count. Dunno though, that's all I could find. – Zoe Oct 12 at 20:10
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    @Zoethetransgirl Cool, thanks for looking! I'm pretty sure I fixed meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/388936/…, and I honestly have zero interest in bug reports for our dev tier unless they have to do with actually getting access to a dev tier site. :) We're keeping a close eye on survey-related bug reports... hopefully this was just a one-off and not something systemic. – Adam Lear Oct 12 at 20:16
  • Have you tried taking the survey? – TylerH Oct 15 at 19:49

Huh, that is hella weird. There's nothing special about the homepage vs other locations, so once the banner is dismissed, it should be hidden everywhere.

But more interestingly... I dug around a bit and as far as I can tell, you ended up in a strange state. We have a record of a survey invite cached in Redis, but absolutely nothing in the DB, and I don't see any relevant exceptions that'd explain what possibly happened with that. So, that's fun.

The good news, such as it is, is that we do automatically expire these banners after 3 days, so assuming no other shenanigans, you should hopefully not see the banner anymore by the time I'm writing this.

I'll do my best to investigate further and try to reproduce your case. It's certainly not our intent to annoy anyone with these invites.

  • I can confirm the banner is gone now. – boop_the_snoot Oct 13 at 16:30

Try blocking the element with a ad-blocker like ublock-origin.

  • extensions are a no-no on my work computer. Anyways it's gone now, maybe because of the 3 days threshold as mentioned by @Adam in his answer – boop_the_snoot Oct 13 at 16:30

A distinct non-answer:

Well. There is probably a slightly higher chance that SE.com would listen to the outcome of such "how are we doing" polls, compared to the endless endless number of posts here and on MSE ... that go ignored "lately".

So, I would love to be asked to participate in such polls. You can put a new one "how are we doing toy" into my feed each day. Just make sure that there are plenty of options using the sort of harsh curse words that I can't use when writing a decent MSO/MSE answer/comment.

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    Although I empathize with the frustration, I recommend avoiding the harsh curse words if you want them to listen, regardless of the forum. – Cody Gray Oct 15 at 18:13
  • I know. And these days, most companies rely on some form of "net promoter score" anyway. And with such metrics, any rating below "excellent" is classified as "problematic" anyway. And note: I would never curse myself. But if someone gives me a multiple choice question, I would for sure not be shy selecting the most harsh available options! – GhostCat says Reinstate Monica Oct 15 at 18:41

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