I saw this question:

Display an arrow pattern

And I'm not sure if it's broad or not. It's self-answered from OP and that is fine by me. It's really the question that bothers me - leaving the answer aside, it asks for somebody to create a non-trivial application and lacks any specifications.

So, while it's not a problem that it was answered by the OP, it can only be answered by the OP. Also, leaving aside the answer, I'm not sure it's answerable. It's a code request with almost no constraints.


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Yes, textbook too broad.

That is a typical "Write my code for me" question.
Self-answered questions are fine, as long as they can stand on their own, without the added answer. Basically, they should follow the same rules any other question should.

  • Except that the site apparently makes exceptions for "special people"... Oct 10, 2019 at 15:30

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