I was reading this question and I thought that maybe the same could be applied to thoughtful editors (oh yeah sorry, this post is sort of a copy of that). I just felt that maybe people that really improve questions/answers through their edits should be rewarded more than just +2 rep. For example, if someone finds a really rushed question asked by a new user, and they edit it really well, then I think that they should be rewarded more. My reasoning behind this is to promote editors that actually spend time trying to improve the question. I know there are many editors that submit nonsense edits just for the +2 rep, and this could maybe take care of that.

My first thought is:

Give a higher reward (say +10 rep) to users that spend more than an n number of minutes actively writing an edit. This would likely fail because any n large enough to make a real change would likely reduce the number of good reviews as well.

So a solution:

If a question used to have a lot of downvotes and then an edit improved the quality enough so that the votes turned positive, reward the editor. This could be done by setting a value d, that is the number of downvotes required before the editor can be rewarded. It could be, let's say, 5. If an editor comes along and makes a good edit that manages to get enough people to upvote that the total votes on the question/answer become positive, then they should be given a higher rep bonus. Honestly, this idea is not really good because it needs a really bad post for it to work, but it is an idea nonetheless.

But a better idea is:

To make it so that edit reviewers can give votes on the edit itself; not just if it should be approved, but if the editor actually spent time on the edit. If enough reviewers vote that the edit was thought through and a big change, then maybe the editor could get an additional reward.

Overall, I think that by making this change, people could really start to use editing as a way to improve posts, not just a way to earn quick rep. All of these ideas are just the basics and need a lot of work, but I think it would benefit the quality of questions, answers, and edits a lot.

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    So if I create a small Javascript which just adds and deletes a char over and over again, I can make a quick edit, go drink some coffee and can earn 10 rep instead of 2? Cool. – Tom Oct 6 at 22:40
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    Far too easy to "farm" - I've made nearly 150 edits in the last month, 300 points worth which seems completely fair, I could easily exploit it and turn this into 1500 points which is completely unfair in my opinion. – Matthew Oct 6 at 23:06
  • I know that my first idea is terrible, but what about my last one? – Arnav Poddar Oct 6 at 23:43
  • Also I would appreciate answers instead of downvotes, thank you – Arnav Poddar Oct 6 at 23:44
  • I haven't downvoted, however, I wouldn't be too concerned it doesn't remove anything from your score. – Matthew Oct 6 at 23:47
  • No because then people are less willing to look with an open mind – Arnav Poddar Oct 6 at 23:50
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    That's a feature-request and up- and downvotes are for showing agreement or disagreement. There is no need that everybody writes an answer. – Tom Oct 7 at 0:26
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    Regarding your last approach: I currently have very low confidence in the skill or seriousness of a large amount of reviewers, so I don't think the additional reward will be handled with care. Either they give it to everyone (or else we all are very unwelcoming) or they don't give it to anybody, because they don't care about extra decisions. – Tom Oct 7 at 0:32
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    I've thought about voting on edits before. But I'm not sure how it can be implemented. I've definitely seen astounding edits that improve a post by a huge degree by re-writing sections for clarity/conciseness. And there are other edits (like the ones I do) that just format the code and maybe break into paragraphs or put some capital letters in. Something that makes the post slightly more readable but doesn't improve the message of it. When I see a brilliant edit, I'd like to be able to say "Good job!" to the editor. Not sure that should give rep, though. – VLAZ Oct 7 at 4:44
  • @ArnavPoddar please read description on "feature-request" tag. While it is hard to believe there are people who simply disagree with proposal you made... (also it looks like you don't believe you have good proposal yet either) – Alexei Levenkov Oct 7 at 5:04
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    Additionally you may want to explain what kind of edit you think should take a long time and still be acceptable edit (clearly you are not talking about spelling/punctuation/code formatting/removing thank_you_notes which take very little time) – Alexei Levenkov Oct 7 at 5:11
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    Users are already voting on suggested edits; for, or against. That judgement includes the perceived level of effort. There's no way to really automate that judgement; a greater reward for more time doesn't mean the edit is any better. It just means it took longer. – fbueckert Oct 7 at 14:06
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    @fbueckert that is only for suggested edits, though - after 2k rep those disappear, yet some users make truly amazing edits to a question. I'd love it if I could give them some sort of virtual pat on the back but then again, I'm not sure this could really fit into the system anywhere. – VLAZ Oct 7 at 16:12

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