When a GitHub issue is referenced by another issue, it is shown in the page of the former issue.

It would be nice to have it on Stack Overflow too, maybe not that obvious, but some widget showing "referenced on GitHub" at the bottom of the question, that we might expand by clicking on it.

I'm not sure how hard it would be, if it would need an agreement with GitHub or if their API can support this easily.

It would be great to have it both ways too, but this would need to be discussed with GitHub.

Maybe a browser addin could do it in fact, if both APIs allow retrieving links easily.

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    First thoughts: 1. Why only GitHub? You'd need to add BitBucket, GitLab, etc, as well. And why not WordPress, too? 2. What value does this provide? – Flimzy Sep 26 at 10:18
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    I also can't help but think: I would rarely, if ever, want my code comments that reference SO to be linked back to SO. I'd probably find myself obfuscating those links any time I added them, if this feature were adopted. When I add them, such comments are usually things like "This could be a security issue, see [some SO post]". I really don't want to advertise security vulnerabilities to the world. And even if it's not, do you really want the world to know where you (possibly) copy-and-pasted from SO? – Flimzy Sep 26 at 10:24
  • I have a userscript that does something like this, but searches Meta.SO and MSE for backlinks. See DiscussedOnMeta – Samuel Liew Sep 26 at 10:39
  • Thanks @Samuel, I'll take a look. – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:06
  • @Flimzy when a Q&A mentions a bug or strange behavior it's convenient to know if it's being considered by the package maintainers and what are their thoughts. And SO is easier to search so more overall ergonomy and less dupes on github as a consequence. Considering security issues, in my opinion if you don't want them known you shouldn't make them publicly available in the first place. The world wouldn't know that I copy and pasted from SO, only if I copy and paste the link publicly. – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:06
  • "when a Q&A mentions a bug or strange behavior" -- That's the opposite, though. That would have GH referencing SO posts, not SO referencing GH mentions. – Flimzy Sep 26 at 12:09
  • Re : why only github. Fair point, they all could be bundled as far as I'm concerned. Wordpress wouldn't make much sense I think, but linking a programming question addressing an issue to the issue trackers adressing it seems relevant to me – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:09
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    "in my opinion if you don't want them known you shouldn't make them publicly available" -- There's a difference between being open to public scrutiny, and advertising problems. – Flimzy Sep 26 at 12:10
  • Maybe I just can't imagine situations where it could go wrong, I tend to think advertising problems is good, it's not either like it'd be written in big letters at the top – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:12
  • Re : "when a Q&A mentions a bug or strange behavior", no I really meant it in this direction. When I query SO regarding an issue I would appreciate to know it's being tackled, or ignored, or commented, by the maintainers, without getting on github to do a separate search. – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:15
  • I suppose on the bright side, it would make it obvious when people violate SO's CC license by copy-pasting code without attribution... :P – Flimzy Sep 26 at 12:16
  • only if they create an issue containing the hyperlink I guess – Moody_Mudskipper Sep 26 at 12:20

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