I find that, nearly always, when google lands me on a SO page and I see the question closed as duplicate (often by many people), there are NO links to the duplicate questions. It is no use to suggest checking the duplicates if they can't be found.

Could we do four things to fix this?

1) Automatically remove "marked as duplicate" and "closed as duplicate" from ALL questions on SO that have NO links to the actual duplicate. They can be marked duplicate again when an actual link is provided.

2) Revoke the ability to "mark as duplicate" from anyone who has abused it by marking duplicate without providing a link. Possibly do this by removing enough reputation so that the existing system would disallow the ability to mark as duplicate. This should be strong disincentive for the rampant abuse we have been seeing.

3) Make it impossible to "close as duplicate" when no link(s) to the duplicate(s) have been provided. An accusation of duplicate is not sufficient. Prove it by providing a link, with the side benefit that people can find the duplicate.

4) Allow the general community to vote on whether the duplicate really is a duplicate (often it's not, and there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for countering overzealous/myopic folks claiming "duplicate" at the drop of a hat). This gives the community a much needed veto.

This should dramatically improve the usefulness of SO by allowing navigation to the better answers, and by penalizing those who would shut down useful questions without providing access to the better answers.

The point is to consider the user's experience. When I find good answers to my questions, I love SO and keep coming back and recommending SO to others.

On the flip side, when I find my question has been asked, but the answers got shut down by a bunch of people claiming it's a duplicate with no link to the original, that's a different story. Then it's frustrating that something potentially useful is broken by folks who appear to care more about legalistic technicalities than having SO be actually useful and helpful.

I imagine those marking duplicate feel they're helping. But when that's done without links, it feels like they just being a-holes. (I know they're not. This isn't name calling or a personal attack; I'm just saying how it feels.)

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    Marking something as a duplicate requires a link to do so. you literally can't mark something as a duplicate without the duplicate existing and being linked in the question itself via the "this is closed as a duplicate" banner. – Kevin B Sep 24 '19 at 20:00
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    Such a question starts with a big yellow box stating "This question already has an answer here:" followed by a link. Have you missed that? Do you have an example of a question without such link? – Tom Sep 24 '19 at 20:02
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    So... 3) is already done, which means that 2) is moot.... And since 3 is done, 1) isn't needed either .. as for 4.... It's already done. With reopen votes. – Patrice Sep 24 '19 at 20:04
  • Thanks, @Patrice. I didn't see any "reopen vote" option. How does one use that? – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:29
  • You need 3K rep to see it. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:31
  • @Tom, happily, no I can't find an example any more. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:34
  • Thanks, @Makoto. That's certainly better than nothing, but above 3k is hardly "the community". When something is abused by those with high rep, what recourse do the unwashed masses have for fixing it? Feels like the foxes are guarding the henhouse. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:36
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    Quantify "abuse". It's fine to disagree. It's quite another to call it abuse. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:38
  • @Makoto, the correct use for "mark duplicate" is for marking which things are, in fact, dupliacetes, which is a good and important feature. But when objectively different things are marked as duplicates, that is an incorrect use ("abuse") of the feature. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:54
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    The accusation of abuse likely comes from the misunderstanding of what duplication actually means. It doesn't mean the asker will have an answer that meets their exact specifications, and can just copy and paste code and keep going. It means the core issue is the same, and solving that is in the original. The asker of the duplicate will likely need to read and understand it, and then implement it. It'll take work, sure, but coding is a lifelong learning process. – fbueckert Sep 24 '19 at 20:55
  • @Makoto, for example, if two people ask whether the sign bit means positive or negative on an IEEE-754 double, that's truly a duplicate. But If one questions asks that an the other asks what to do with the sign bit in a NaN in an IEEE-754 double, those are objectively different. When (often the same) 5 or 6 people mark that as a duplicate, they are abusing the "mark duplicate" feature. I've seen this happen many times, and it really bothers me, especially when there's nothing that an ordinary user can do about it. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:58
  • That likely gets to the "core issue" rationale for closing a question as a duplicate which @fbueckert alludes to above. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:59
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    Note: it takes expertise to identify issues that are similar. That expertise is the very reason people ask questions here in the first place. Unfortunately, that expertise is discarded as invalid when the duplicate is not understood by those asking for help. What good is asking for help when that help is discarded? Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. – fbueckert Sep 24 '19 at 21:06
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    Everyone keeps asking you for evidence. Where are these, "gangs"? What questions have they closed wrongly? Who has protested those closures? Are you absolutely sure it's incorrect; you haven't shown a good understanding of the closure system so far, so that understanding isn't a given. It's almost a certainty that misunderstanding is the core issue here. I'd recommend re-reading my comment here – fbueckert Sep 24 '19 at 21:19
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    Oh, I'm sure it has happened. I doubt it's at as common as you seem to think. But you keep asserting that this happens, apparently commonly, by, "gangs". Where's your proof? Show us some questions that have been wrongly closed. We have so many people say this, and very few ever bring anything concrete to the table. – fbueckert Sep 24 '19 at 22:18

I want to call this particular bullet point out.

4) Allow the general community to vote on whether the duplicate really is a duplicate (often it's not, and there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for countering overzealous/myopic folks claiming "duplicate" at the drop of a hat). This gives the community a much needed veto.

Unqualified and entirely uncalled-for characterization aside, the community already can vote on if a question really is a duplicate in the form of reopen votes. If 5 people believe that the question isn't a duplicate of the linked question(s), then it's likely that it'll be reopened.

Even faster is that it can only take one person with a gold badge in a tag to reopen a question if they feel like the dupe(s) aren't suitable enough, or that the question isn't a dupe.

So...what you're looking for is already built into the system, unless you have exact examples of where this hasn't happened. There are some old-style duplicate questions out there which embedded the links in the question, meaning that they could be edited out (the system wasn't going to prevent it), and I'm wondering if that's what you ran into.

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  • @Script47: ...which is why I put it aside. ;) – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:23
  • Perhaps I didn't say that right, and it's certainly not fair to smear everyone who has high rep, or the folks who correctly mark duplicates, which is a good and important service. But when half a dozen people INCORRECTLY mark duplicate, that's overzealous and nearsighted. And the few that do it regularly appear to enjoy doing it and leaving snarky comments. That's not providing a useful service or providing a good user experience for the benefit of the user and of SO. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:47
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    You'll need to prove that those questions were actually closed with malicious intent. Your insistence on this characterization is not constructive and I wish for it to stop. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:54
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    @user3670102 not to be dismissive .... Do you have a single 'abusive' example? Cause you keep on saying there are some ... But I can't say I've seen one... So... Care to show some examples? It's easy to throw 'abuse' around. But if there's no proof, it's..... Not much :/ – Patrice Sep 24 '19 at 21:02
  • Ok, gentelemen. I apologize. I can't read the minds or feelings of those marking duplicate incorrectly. I have no idea what their intent actually is. So my inappropriate characterizations aside, the problem is that when distinct things are incorrectly marked duplicate, there appears to be no recourse to anyone with less than 3000 rep (what percentage of SO users have 3000 or above?). – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 21:11
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    There is...you can always come to Meta to discuss the specific question. There's even the specific-question tag to use for those. However, to an earlier point made, it does require expertise to see how two seemingly unrelated questions could be considered dupes. We're all human and we all err on occasion, so coming to us without any prejudice would be in all of our best interests. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 21:14
  • Thanks for the pointers. Also, I agree that it does take expertise. The problem is that having rep is different than having experience, and in some particularly aggravating cases, those marking duplicate either didn't have the expertise, or they didn't read/understand the questions. They just marked with duplicate and agreed with each other, even though the community correctly pointed out that those weren't duplicates, and why they weren't duplicates. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 21:21
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    @user3670102 again, care to point out examples? a) the meta crew can help either correct the assumptions made in the (maybe wrong?) calling of "this isn't a dupe". b) if not, they can help fix the wrong duplicate. And, saying "people didn't understand the question" is as negative as "abuse". You're basically saying curators are too dumb to know what they're doing. There's no reason to be negative towards whatever other user. – Patrice Sep 24 '19 at 22:24
  • @Patrice While I agree with all the points being made I'd like to point out that there is the possibility of something having been "robo-reviewed" as being the cause of what the OP of the question claims to have seen... So it can't be dismissed out-of-hand that it has happened. But then such instances should be put forward as links, yes. – Cindy Meister Sep 25 '19 at 6:26

I find that, nearly always, when google lands me on a SO page and I see the question closed as duplicate (often by many people), there are NO links to the duplicate questions

Duplicate-closed questions always have a banner on top of them that link to the duplicate target(s):

enter image description here

Without those targets, a question can't be closed as a duplicate.

That makes the rest of this question / suggestion moot.

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    These might be the older style questions which could totally have had those duplicate links edited out. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:13
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    That could be possible, but those are relatively rare nowadays... Hardly "nearly always" – Cerbrus Sep 24 '19 at 20:14
  • Ok. Fair enough. "nearly always in my experience." I don't claim to have a complete picture of the current state of things. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:16
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    Can you link us to some examples, @user3670102? – Cerbrus Sep 24 '19 at 20:18
  • Well, look at stackoverflow.com/questions/26266727/… for example. There are 5 people claiming it's a duplicate, but there's only 1 link given. Where are the other 4 links? If there really are 5 better answers, why hide them? And if there's only 1 better answer, why allow what amounts to "me too" on marknig duplicate? I thought "me too" was discouraged? – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:20
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    It doesn't mean there are 5 separate posts. It means that 5 people agree that this post is a dupe. It seems that you've misunderstood how dupes work completely. – Script47 Sep 24 '19 at 20:21
  • Also, I don't think suggestion #4 is moot. Let's say the community wants to contest whether something truly is a duplicate. I'm not seeing a way to do that. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 20:22
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    @user3670102: I provide that angle in my answer. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:23
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    Additionally, @user3670102, the question you link to as an example has two quirks to it. First, according to the hover text, that was the original author to approved the duplicate vote, and the system closed it on their behalf. Second, that kind of question - "what tools exist for X" - is generally off-topic for Stack Overflow and wouldn't be permissible today. – Makoto Sep 24 '19 at 20:25
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    @user3670102 There aren't 5 people there claiming it was a dupe, there was only one person and OP agreed (hence the "community" account listed as one of the closers). – Tom Sep 24 '19 at 20:39
  • @Tom there's not much point in writing all this about 1 post. Yes, that one doesn't have 5 people claiming dupe, and the OP agreed that it was a dupe. But over the years, I have seen 5 or 6 people (often the same group of people) incorrectly marking duplicate. If that simply no longer happens, then I'm thrilled, and there's really nothing else to discuss here. – user3670102 Sep 24 '19 at 21:08
  • @user3670102 When you often see the same names in a close reason it can be because these people consistently read (and probably frequently answer) in that particular tag (subject). Because of that, they'd usually have a good idea what has already been asked, and what covers the same ground as a new question requests... – Cindy Meister Sep 25 '19 at 6:34
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    ...When you find something closed as a duplicate and can objectively point out how it's not, please do come here, to Meta, and ask. As you've seen, people here do listen and are open to discussing and taking action. Everyone who helps out on Stack Overflow is human, so mistakes are possible. We want the site to have the best quality possible - we're quite passionate about that, to be honest :-) It's very difficult for us to deal with being accused regularly of being "abusive" (and other things) and misunderstandings that are presented so aggressively. – Cindy Meister Sep 25 '19 at 6:39

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