When I was new to Stack Overflow I did not ask good questions and therefore my questions received downvotes. My problem is not "How to ask a good question?", but how to improve my existing downvoted questions:

  1. Multiplying vector elements in C++
  2. how to set ImageButton randomly?
  3. Change ImageButton Drawable automatically

Looking at the dates, one can see how later questions improved as I began to understand the rules. The formatting and the way I asked changed!

Can someone could suggest ways to edit these questions so they get a better reception?

  • Yeah, that was a pretty big mistake. Live and learn, but the teaching moment was to be patient and not force anything. These questions now need to be found back by the Googlers, they typically vote once for every ~200 visits for good Q+A. At the clip they are going that will likely be years before their score goes above 0. Which is fine, we do create Q+A for the long haul. – Hans Passant Sep 21 at 13:45
  • 2
    There is no difference between ""How to ask a good question" & "how to improve my existing downvoted questions". – philipxy Sep 22 at 7:23

My advice: Don't sweat it. Even the best of us have some bad questions in our past.

Rather than dwelling on the past, focus on asking good questions, and posting good answers now.

Having said that, there is one partial recourse you might take in an extreme situation. Once, I believe on Christianity.SE I asked a very poorly received, but popular question (during private beta, no less). Although it had been closed as off-topic, it remained on the site, and continued to receive downvotes. Since it had highly-voted answers, I was unable to delete it. To divorce myself from the poor reputation, I made the question community wiki. (The question in question has apparently since been deleted, or I'd link to it.) This won't completely remove your name from the question, though. The question is still in your history.

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