Today I was updating new items in my Developer Story Timeline and ran into weird issue.

I was adding a new item as shown below and it worked well. It was added to my timeline.

Adding demo to Timeline

After that I realized that I made a typo so I wanted to edit it, That was the time I got confused. The Setting(Options) icons was not there. I saw other posts, I was able to see that icon on them. Follow the screenshot below.

I tried editing the other posts and again options icon was getting hidden.

Settings icon hidden

I had to refresh the whole page in order to get options icon back on the cards.

This issue exists when you add or edit any cards into timeline.

Is this issue known or is it intentional?

Settings icon available after refresh

Client Details :

Browser : Google Chrome

Version : 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

OS : Windows 10

Zoom size : 100% (Default)


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