We just started using Stack Overflow for Teams. I noticed that on the main start page of SO, I see both public questions and our private team questions.

However, when I filter by a tag that exists among both public and private questions, only public questions are displayed.

Shouldn't all questions be visible when filtering by tag on the public SO site? I was a bit confused by the fact that our private questions were visible on the start page, but not when clicking a specific tag.


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It depends a bit on how you reached the tag page. If you click on a tag below a question, you will navigate to the tag page within either the Public Q&A or the active team:

and you'll only see questions from that specific part of Stack Overflow.

However, if you search for a tag, e.g. with the query [comments], you'll see results from all teams and Public Q&A.

  • Ah, that makes sense I guess. However, it would make more sense for me if the tag links on the public SO site would link to a search within all SO sites, whereas the link tags on a Teams site would only list questions within that specific site. Regardless, I understand the design decision, and it's clearly still possible to filter by a specific tag across all SO sites. Thanks!
    – Ted Nyberg
    Sep 17, 2019 at 13:53

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