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This came up during a LQP review that I marked OK (and was subsequently deleted by a mod).

Review link: https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/24035399

Screenshot of the answer for <10k users:

enter image description here

Question link: How to fix firebase Deployment error - retries exhausted after 6 attempts

Firebase hosting was giving errors yesterday which (probably) caused the user's issue (haven't validated it, but seems likely). Someone answered "hey their server has an issue, here's the incidence ticket," which I thought was OK at the time, but marginal (it's little more than a link answer).

I was going to flag the question itself as cannot be reproduced, but it technically COULD be reproduced, if firebase hosting ever gets screwy again.

So.... what should I have done? Should I have marked that question as OK? Should I have flagged that question as cannot be repro?

Note I'm asking both sides:

  • What should we do about questions where the answer is "the service has a temporary issue"? Although it's possible that the same situation might happen in the future, by definition, it's a localized issue.
  • What could make an answer acceptable here? At best, it's going to be a link saying "yep, stuff is/was broke right now" (the answer given). At worst, it would be a one-line answer just saying "lol samzies edit: works now." (which I'd definitely vote/flag delete). I'm assuming there's no workarounds (like connect to server B when A is down; go to downtime procedures etc).

Finding that answer in the LQP review queue is somewhat inconsequential. This wasn't a review audit or anything, and I can see why it was deleted.

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  • The question itself can be useful, but that specific answer isn't. If it was reworded and specified that it could happen when the server is down (and specifying that's the problem in this case), it's a general answer instead of a specific answer, and is slightly more useful in the future. It also opens the answer for alternative solutions where the server isn't the problem. (That being said, this could still be a dupe - I haven't looked) – Zoe the transgirl Sep 13 at 14:37
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    Doesn't seem to make sense to me to delete an answer like this. If the cause of the problem asked about in a question is a temporary service outage, then, well, that's the answer. Maybe it's a reason to nuke the question, but not the answer, surely? My take is that you did the right thing and this shouldn't've been deleted. – Mark Amery Sep 13 at 16:20
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    The answer has since been converted to a comment by a different mod. – Zoe the transgirl Sep 13 at 16:22
  • The problem isn't the answer, is the question. If the question instead becomes "Under which circumstances retries exhausted after X attempts failure happens?", that would be a useful question for future readers. – Braiam Sep 13 at 17:46

Reason for deletion of the answer is probably link only answer without more details from the link and converted as a comment by mod

Question will be helpful to them who are facing a similar issue. If you want to flag the question then you may flag as a duplicate of this question (well-formatted and answer with upvote)

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    It's not link-only. Even without following the link it tells us that the cause is an incident on Firebase's side, which for most interested parties may be the only detail that's worth knowing anyway. – Mark Amery Sep 13 at 16:23
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    What happened when future readers will find it as a dead link. good way is to provide an answer with details from a link and then provide the link for reference – Patel Romil Sep 13 at 16:31

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