Any time could apply, would be a better target.

"Serializer" would only make sense if it referred to a specific serialization component or library, but as a generic concept it's too ambiguous and is many times used to refer to libraries like the Django or Symfony serializers.

I think that these two should be merged and (545) should be made a synonym for (27,905).

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    Yeah, serializer looks like it is being used for different kind of serialization libraries, and can probably be merged with serialization. Sep 5, 2019 at 8:11

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I went through the top rated questions in , and most of them were about the concept of serialization. A lot of the questions seem to be about specific serializer libraries, which again are all about serialization. And finally, if we remove the questions related to , the top related tags for both the tags are the same. I went ahead and added it as a synonym:

(× 650) → (× 29113)

I'll merge them after a few days, just in case there are any issues with the synonym. For now, joins the list of synonyms, which includes , , , , , and

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