Please remove the "How to Format" Snack Bar for experienced users. For new users show it max 10 times.

enter image description here

Or just show to new users only. Users with 5K and above really don't need the noise.

Notice that it's hanging right over the question text field.

This is especially annoying when we have not scrolled the text box into full view: enter image description here

We should not have to click it. If the user is brand new then put it in the side bar as shown below, but for seasoned users we should be able to dismiss or hide it.

enter image description here

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    You don't have to click anything...? It shows up when your focus is on the Body area, just as the How to Ask shows up when the focus is on Title and How to Tag shows up when the focus is on Tags. I like it -- maybe we'll have fewer poorly formatted posts (by people of all reps). – Heretic Monkey Aug 30 at 12:19
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    Your chrome toolbar makes me physically ill. – Lewis Aug 30 at 16:16
  • @Lewis Right?! I mean, who walks around with no menu bar in their browser... – TylerH Aug 30 at 19:44
  • Look at my SO score ... Do I need to close that thing every single time I create a post ...? So could easily only make new users close that. The rest of us know how to format our posts ... – Ole Aug 31 at 3:45
  • ... reputation means nothing to us ... – rene Aug 31 at 7:18
  • @rene because you don't own SO and you don't care about the user experience of all users. – Ole Aug 31 at 12:50
  • SO Makes everything that can be done dependent on experience. Why not include this as well? – Ole Aug 31 at 19:15

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