I have posted a question and mentionned some details about my needs. People answered with a way that could work if you read my question as it is, but after reading their answer I realized my details were incomplete, and it makes makes the answers useless for me.

  • Should I edit the question and take out my mentionning of these details, so the answers become valid, and then open a new question with correct explanations?
  • Should I edit the post to complete the details, which would make the answers a bit off-topic?
  • Or should I just add my details in the comments to the answer and keep the question as is?

Note that I am aware of this question: What to do if I missed some important details in my question. It is pretty close, but in my case I did provide part of the details, I was just not specific enough.

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    You should never edit a question when your edit will invalidate existing answers. – rene Aug 27 at 14:18
  • Understood. So I should remove my mention of the details to make them completely valid, and ask another question then? – Joey Quint Aug 27 at 14:30
  • Why would removing specific details invalidate the question for you? – fbueckert Aug 27 at 14:32
  • @fbueckert No, that's not it. What I meant is that I mentionned I wanted a subquery so I could gather additional information in the same query, but the thing is I didn't mention it was a SUM that I was using, which makes the JOINs (as suggested in the answers) invalid, because the data in my SUMs would be different then. – Joey Quint Aug 27 at 14:34
  • Can you alter the subquery to do what you need, based on the information you received? – fbueckert Aug 27 at 14:41
  • @fbueckert I don't think I can, it would still be wrong because I'm making a sum of the subquery. But anyway, it fits the way I asked the question so I'm going to accept the answer. – Joey Quint Aug 29 at 13:37

You have received answers for the question you asked. You have now realised that you needed to ask a different question. So "close" this question by accepting a useful answer, learn something from this, and let future visitors learn something from it.

Then go forth and ask a new question, the actual question that you needed to ask.

To preempt duplicate votes, include a short sentence about what distinguishes the new question from the old one (with a reference to it).

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