The similar questions box pops up and stays there the entire time you are writing a question. I feel this isn't user friendly as the area this box takes up is rather large. I feel you should be able to work on your question and view the title without having to jump over the similar questions box...


  • I would like to propose adding a feature to expand/collapse it once the title has been entered.
  • If the title is then edited afterwards the box can automatically reopen if required.
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    Since the box keeps updating as you input the title, body and tags, I think having it somewhat "in the way" so you're more forced to look at it is something of a feature rather than a bug… – deceze Aug 27 at 14:07
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    Putting it above the title feels very weird, counter intuitive.Being able to collapse/expand it is then maybe the least invasive UX action, assuming it expand as soon as you change the title again. We don't want users to ask an obvious duplicate that they missed to spot in the similar question box. The feeling for having your question closed as a dupe the minute you post it is not going to be compensated by the awesome UX keeping that similar questions box out of view.... – rene Aug 27 at 14:08
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    @deceze Thank you for the clarification, and I agree, it is something that should be looked at.. but as it definitely gets in the way i would make the change to be able to expand/collapse it as mentions. – Procyclinsur Aug 27 at 14:16
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    This feature has saved me from asking several duplicate questions.:-) – Super Jade Aug 28 at 1:29
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    Or maybe add some sort of timeout to it. – J. Scott Elblein Aug 30 at 17:10

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