There are currently two tags which refer to Android version 10.0, first with three questions and with 117 questions

All the previous version of Android were in the format example , but as Google deserts desserts, Android 10.0 which was supposed to be Android Q____(name of some desert with Q) is now just called as Android 10.

So how should be name future android version tags? Calling it looks odd. I guess it would be good if we just stick with version numbers from now on. So I am suggesting we name it as . What do you guys/gals suggest?


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As mentioned by Andrew T in the linked synonym request on Android Enthusiasts:

I think android-10 is appropriate with android-q as the synonym. This is also according to what Google uses on its blog.

Therefore, have as the tag does make sense. I have renamed the tag to and added as a synonym, that is: (x 12) → (x 131)

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