Wouldn't it be a useful feature to have a possibility to label my question as no satisfactory answer yet. It would mean that I am still waiting and encourage others to post answers which I am ready to upvote. And I do it though there might be many answers, and the question is a few years old.

That would necromance many old questions buried on the SO graveyard.

That would be useful in situations where the answer to the question is "not possible". But there are workarounds.

Currently it is very discouraging to answer old questions because such answers are rarely upvoted. Even if the accepted answer is not possible.

Edit after comments.

  • It is possible to prove that answer to question is not possible - a link to documentation.
  • Proposed label would work similarly to bounty but with less cost for OP.
  • When you see a question and 5 answers to it, neither accepted, then you do not know if the OP still waits for answers or was just lazy.
  • In my experience I have been rarely upvoted for posting answers to old questions. That is logical because apparently OP solved his problem and he may not be interested in new answers any more.
  • To prevent millions of questions being tagged with such a label it might be easily maintained by limiting. Each user might have only a few such labels, at his disposal (similarly as open bounties). Such a label might be automatically turned off after some period of time, say two months, so it requires effort from the OP to express his interest in finding new answers.
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    What about a Bounty? – Jeanne Dark Aug 22 at 13:01
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    Wouldn't this only work when you already know that there is a workaround possible? How would you prevent thousands of questions tagged with that label where the only possible answer is "that is not possible"? – BDL Aug 22 at 13:09
  • Proving a negative is going to be extremely hard; the best any one person can say is, "I can't think of a way to solve this". That doesn't mean it's not possible; just that it's not possible yet, so far as you know. – fbueckert Aug 22 at 13:24
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    The lack of an accepted answer already says this. – Kevin B Aug 22 at 15:14
  • @BDL Please see my edits. – Przemyslaw Remin Aug 23 at 9:08
  • @KevinB No. The lack of accepted answer leaves you only to conjectures. Part of the OPs who were programmers yesterday are cooks today (they are not interested), part of the OPs do not accept an answer as a rule (especially newbees with only one question posted - there are milion such questions with good answer being not accepted, part of the OPs may pass away... Not accepted answer = guesses and assumptions. – Przemyslaw Remin Aug 23 at 9:19

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