Twiml is Twilio's XML-based markup language for call routing inside their systems.

There are two tags for questions about this language: tag has 285 questions, and has 30.

Similar to the discussion around ecplise-jdt and jdt (and here), I propose making twiml a synonym of twilio-twiml.


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I started writing an answer by stating that we can't add a synonym in that direction, because has more than 1.25 times the number of questions in , but surprisingly, it went through and I was able to create a synonym. Either the underlying check has changed (which is a welcome one), or there's some other criteria at play (which would be nice to know), which I am not sure, but what I am sure is that I don't know how the system work.

I synonymized the tags, in the direction which you mentioned, that is, (x 286) → (x 30).

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