I was planning to use pagedown for a project.

The image available on StackExchange/pagedown github page is

enter image description here

The image that I am referring to is the one that is currently used on StackOverflow.


the image used on meta

I searched a lot and I was not able to find any info on this.

Is the use of this image allowed? If so, what are the terms?


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I was able to reach the company via the contact page.

Until the design team opts to release our images as part of the open source content, you should assume that the icons currently used on our sites are part of our site design and subject to our copyright policy. Thus, they are not available under any license.


I was not able to find a better image for the button bar. What I did was to add font-awesome icons as background images to the buttons. Even though not as good as having the SO icons, this satisfies my requirement.

enter image description here

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