I'v read this question and answer:Merged Q/A pages instead of "duplicate question" links, this question is about other aspects and proposal of the same basic problem.

My proposal are:

  1. A duplicated question is saved as an appendix of the original question, it is no more a normal question (closed/duplicated/protected,etc), it is just an piece of information that is an appendix.

  2. In the page of the original question, the list of its duplication is hidden by default. And there is a button to show the list and you can browse any duplication. And the list is mark as "do not search" to prevent if from being registered by a search engine.

  3. When searching for questions in the SO site, the whole library of duplication can be searched, too, which may give a better match result than the original question. This is because duplicate or not is not a problem of true or false, there may be subtle differences between duplicated questions. If a duplicated question is a better match, it can be listed in the search result, too. When you click the duplicated question, the original question page is shown since there is no page of the duplicated question. But this time the main question in the page is the duplicated question that you click, and the main question is shown below only for reference(maybe hidden too). And the votes number on the shown duplicated question is just the votes number of the original question, and if you click the vote button, a message tell you that you will vote the original question and will show the original question if it is hidden.

  4. If a duplicated question has answers when being transformed to appendix, the questions are all moved to the original question, and the votes are preserved for the author of the duplicated question, i.e. the author will have votes not backed by a question.

  5. Maybe the moderator can select a better question to replace the original one, but all the votes still goes to the original question's author. The choice can be based on search match results.

  6. All the above may be only applied to some special duplicated questions, such as questions that show the research and hard work of the author.

The advantage of the above proposal is:

  1. The question/answer/comments are all preserved which is a piece of work of the user, whether the user is doing right or wrong. No frustrating closing/excluded feelings.

  2. More information is preserved. No duplicated questions is exactly the same. Maybe some question is indeed better than the original one. And maybe some duplicated question can match a search query better.

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